Poo19 - Smelly Milana

Poo19 - Smelly Milana

Poo19 is all about a slave consuming the feces of up to 6 beautiful, young, Russian women in a row. 11 regular girls are featured, from a very tall volleyball player to BBWs to tiny girls to huge bubble butts to very young looking girls there is a wide selection. This is not hardcore femdom, though. There is no brutality or abuse, it's more like Amateur girls getting paid to have their shit eaten by a guy, the act is extremely sick and degrading yet the girls in these videos still have this aura of "innocence", they don't come off as pro dommes. (That's what i love about this studio, anyways.) It also features many spitting scenes, some foot worship, facesitting, ass-licking and some mild whipping, slapping and a few humiliating kicks to the balls. Language is Russian, hardcoded English translations.

Karina poops in slave’s mouth after bathing Every time I look forward to this day. Several times a month Mistress Karina invites me to her apartment, as a slave who will provide her comfort and pleasure. I have to fulfill a variety of duties. Serving Mistress Karina as a toilet is one of my responsibilities during these meetings. This time Karina decided to take a bath, and I had to serve the girl during this procedure. And I got great pleasure from the fact that I could once again admire the beautiful young body of Mistress, her breasts, her ass. Mistress Karina is a very beautiful girl. I was in seventh heaven with happiness when Mistress allowed me to smell her panties, and then wash them while she takes a bath. The toilet slave has no right to touch Mistress’ body with his hands. But this time, a small exception was made for me. Mistress Karina allowed me to dry her body with a towel after she finished washing. Touching her body, albeit through a towel, is what I have long dreamed of. And my dream has finally come true. I figured that Karina would want to use the toilet later. However, she had a very hearty dinner the night before, and she really wanted to shit. Karina decided to use me as a toilet right in the bathroom. Without getting out of the bath, she positioned her anus in front of my mouth. A huge long turd filled my mouth, and then, like a snake, in a spiral, lay on my face. I havn’t tasted such good-tasting shit for a long time. It was especially pleasing that there was a lot of it. Karina left to relax on the sofa, and I stayed in the bathroom, eating the rest of her fragrant shit.

Feeding table and 2 large heaps A feeding table is the most convenient device for both girls and a toilet slave. In the sitting position, swallowing is much easier than lying down and the toilet slave can serve more girls.
Today there was a lot of fun, the girls were in a good mood – they constantly joked and laughed at me, but I was not funny – I had 2 large piles on my face and I have to take them into my body. The girls set me a task that I must complete and there is no turning back! You can’t joke with Christina, she knows the rules – the mistress’s shit should be in the slave’s stomach. It is difficult to convey what I experience when I simultaneously feel the taste and smell of two girls at the same time and at the same time I am fed in 2 hands, constantly shouting – “faster, swallow faster.” With all my strength I constantly swallowed, the girls waited for my mouth to open to immediately fill it again – it was a very hot session for me! I think – the most difficult and frightening moment – at the beginning of the process, when you smell shit for the first time and shock me for the first seconds, but I know that I have to do this and I humble myself and just perform the function of a women’s toilet so that the girls are satisfied.

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Poo19 - Smelly Milana